F YEAH: Swim Good / by Laurence


Hello! This is my first F Yeah blog of 2013, and it's bit of a selfish one (I'll explain why later). If you haven't seen the intro, F Yeah is a little place where each day I'll write about a band/film/place/thing I enjoy and hopefully it'll be something that you'll like and we can all enjoy the good things in life, eh? A bit of positivity each day for 2013 for me. Anyway...

Swim Good

I first heard about this band in August 2012. 13th August 2012, to be precise, at the Don Broco 'Priorities' release show in Camden. Two guys were selling Broco's merch, and at the end I got chatting to both of them - turned out they were in a band.

One of the guys sent me some tracks - and I loved them. Those two guys turned out to be Curtis (left in the photo below) and Joe (second right in the photo below).

I checked out their Facebook page, had a listen to some more tracks and started going to some of their shows. I gradually got other people involved (they know who they are), and we watched this band grow.

Since then, Swim Good have played shows all over the country (Leeds, Guildford, London - far flung places!) with a wide variety of bands (Don Broco, Scholars, Paige etc). I've seen them a good few times live though, and there's just something about them.


That's them there. What an ugly bunch, eh? That photo's taken by Cody Gray by the way - check out her photography, she's lovely!

Right, back to Swim Good. Firstly, let's look at their music - here's their track Better Things - take a listen:

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/54188425" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

It's good isn't it? Catchy, very catchy! Guitar pop punk with a indie feel, yeah? However, there's a certain vibe about Swim Good - a live vibe. Sometimes you hear bands and you think: Yeah, you're good, but there's no energy!

You need energy to enjoy a song (most of the time). You don't want to be listening to music and be bored, you want energy in the music that gets you pumped (unless you want to chill out).

This is where these guys are special. Not only do they have a live vibe at shows, but on their tracks too. Trust me - they do. Here's a live video from their show in London last October:


Now take a listen to the track again, and you can imagine the live vibe - the energy. You can imagine Ryan (vocals) prancing and jumping around like a nut, can't you? Curtis being a spring on the bass? Joe banging those drums like a....well. And Dan (guitar) - well he's just being Dan isn't he?

Give them a shot. Who knows, you might like them! If not, at least you gave it a go!

Here's another quick track, called People Like You:

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/56929223" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

They have a lot of great things coming up in 2013 - more shows, tours, a split EP, merch - the whole lot. If you like them, get on board early, as these guys are going to blow up massively. I've heard their new stuff - it's a big step up!

One last thing, if you do get a chance to see them - make sure you have a chat afterwards. You may have even done this if you saw Don Broco live on the Lower Than Atlantis / Billy Talent tour - Curtis (bassist) was selling merch for them! What a legend!

This is where the selfish bit comes in - these guys are some of the friendliest bunch you'll meet. Seriously. I've had a chance to rage with them many a time (and hopefully many more in 2013). However I liked the band before the people (and that's why I don't feel so bad), so that's why I'm trying to push them. They're a good bunch of guys, they work hard, and they have something about them - they deserve more listeners.

If you want to find out more about Swim Good, you can take a look at their Facebook page or tweet them (@SwimGoodUK).

There you have it - my first F Yeah of 2013. Sorry if it was a bit rubbish/short/lame. I'll try and make them better as the year goes on. If you have a band or a movie or a place or a thing that you enjoy, let me know - I plan to do one of these for each day of the year. Let's hope I make it!

Happy new year everyone!

P.S. I am not F Yeah Swim Good. Seriously. Don't suggest it, because it's not me. OK?