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What are the 10 types of people in every office?

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If you work in an office, you will obviously meet lots of different types of people during your day to day duties. Whether you work on a small team in a small office, or a team in a big office with other companies, there will always be 10 types of people which can be found in every single office.

Here they are – let us know which ones you’ve encountered:

1) The bathroom talker:

Going to the toilet is a natural thing, that everyone has to do – but it’s also your alone time.

When you go into the bathroom at work and see someone you know, do you talk to them? That's weird to me. I'm not a bathroom talker.

— Justin Korthof (@SixOkay) September 10, 2012

You don’t want Geoff from Accounting to start a conversation about tax while you’re doing your business, do you?


Don't try and talk to me through the bathroom door please. I know it's related to work but I'm obviously in here hiding


9:36 PM - Sep 29, 2016

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Calm down Geoff.

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2) The lunch stealer:

The night before work, you’ve taken time out of your evening to prepare yourself a packed lunch for the next day, and you put that salad in the fridge, get excited for lunchtime to come round, but then find it’s been nicked – and there’s only one culprit…

…the person who steals everything!

Lucy Crofts@LuceCrofts

Can't believe someone stole my lunch at work #fridgeraiders


5:53 PM - Sep 21, 2016

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You know exactly who it is – it’s the person who also takes your tea bags and sauce without asking. You’re too polite to confront them about it, but once they steal your lunch, there’s no going back.

Josh Harris@FilmedbyJosh

Some dirtbag at work stole my cookie out of my lunch and ate it so now I'm eating everyone else's food as retribution until he steps forward


8:00 PM - Jun 30, 2016

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3) The smelly food eater:

On the opposite end of the lunch spectrum, you have the person who brings in food which is totally not suitable for public areas. Who eats fish or eggs so openly? Why do you bring smelly food into the office?

I hate when people bring they smelly food into the office. Eat that at home or in your car.

— Pull Up J (@flythonia) September 28, 2016


Jaynie S.@JaynieShea

I am the person in the office who brings in the smelly food. #garlicbreath


3:57 PM - Oct 5, 2016

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4) The ice cube:


In every office, there is one person who, when it’s sunny, will be cold and, when it’s cold, will be really warm.

Julia Spindel@jmspindel

why oh why is the radiator stuck on in my office at work? 10 am and i already need a shower

8:56 AM - Jul 5, 2013

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They’ll want the radiator on full blast during summer, and the window open during winter.

5) The desk drummer:

There are two types of office workers: those who love to listen to music as they get on with their to-do list, and those who cannot concentrate, AT ALL, when music is playing.

Within one section of these workers is a rare breed: the desk drummer.


it's 10am and there's a girl drumming on the desk I'm about to throw my bag at her face

8:00 AM - Sep 21, 2016

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They’ll say nothing all day, but they’ll make a lot of noise with their fingers.

Yes, you’ve got your headphones in and we know you like that song, but you’re not in Metallica, so STOP TAPPING ON THE TABLE.

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